Historical Drawings

Take a trip back in time to see some historical events brought to life in an ink montage

City Montages

A look at towns and cities of yesteryear. See some of the famous landmarks and memorable figures tied to the era and the town in a way you’ve never seen before.

Request a City

Don’t see your city or town? Bruce wants to capture it for you! Contact him today


“Bruce has a way of pulling memories out of the small town you may have grown up in and putting it to paper in a way that’s never been done before. Excellent work!”

Watch Bruce at Work

Take a few minutes to watch the special KSMQ's 'Off 90 Quick Stops' did with Bruce recently. Get an up close look at how Bruce puts pen to paper to create his very detailed city montages.

If you're interested to see if your city has been drawn, check out the full list of cities. If you're just browsing and want to see some of Bruce's work, check out some of the cities with images and descriptions. Thanks for stopping by Loeschen Art! We hope you enjoy yourself.